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Friday, March 27, 2015

new signs

I wanted a couple of large signs for the kitchen.  With almost 11" ceilings I needed something big.  I recycled left over plywood from the remodel project and had AH cut some 1X2 for the frames.  The table saw and router are two power tools I'm really afraid of. I sanded and base coated each of the pieces.   For the eat sign I cut strips of luan to size., painted them, formed the letters and attached with glue.  I also painted the frame white, glued and stapled it on.  For the Grocery sign I cut the letters from black card stock on my Cricut and glued them on.  I did the frame the same way. The reason I did the frames is because 1/2" plywood will warp in time if it doesn't have something to stabilize it..  All that is left is attaching hangers and putting them up..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spring cleaning

With all the work going on in the kitchen the living room has been a mess. Every square inch was covered in the dust from the remodel.   There have been sinks, wood, lights and cabinets filling every space.  Once I got all those things out of there I decided it was time to do  a major cleaning, put away all the winter decor and bring out the spring summer green, aqua and whites.  I've been  washing, sorting, purging and storing for several days.  Just getting the dust out and the window washed have brightened the room.  It's not quite done yet but that will require a tall ladder and someone to climb it.
I have a few sewing projects to do,whip up a couple of pillows and I am going to order an off white slip cover for the couch.  I am ready for spring!!

Some times looking at a picture lets you see things better.  I think this display is too crowded . I will remove all the black to brighten it up.

I moved this desk from the LR to the kitchen and drug the secretary desk into the LR 

This pile is my goal for today, I will put away, sort and purge to clear it off.

Monday, March 23, 2015

kitchen update

WE HAVE COUNTER TOPS AND RUNNING WATER!!!!!!!  After months with only an 18" counter to work on and over a month of washing dishes in the bathroom sink, these are both things to make me do the happy dance.  The new sink is deeper than the old one and the faucet is tall with a pull out spray arm for rinsing larger pots, I love it.  AH did a fabulous job with the counter tops and they look great.  Of course we still have a long way to go with the tile, electrical and the little things but at least now it is a workable kitchen.  We have spent every free minute over the last 31/2 months working on this remodel so seeing this progress is a great feeling.
I have to give Andy the praise, he is stubborn, opinionated and a perfectionist.  In this case those are all very good traits.  When we couldn't find anyone to help lift the 150# sink from the floor to the counter his solution was brilliant.  He borrowed a hydraulic lift from work and we slid the  sink on to it, wheeled it into the kitchen and let the lift do all the work.  A couple of pinched fingers and a few curse words and the sink was in place.

10" deep, great for big pots or giving the dog a bath.

loving this spray wand

The very first thing that had to go on the new counter was the coffee pot.  The little corner of a box on the right side is chocolates.  Got to keep the head worker fueled up.

All three kitties have just worn them selves out supervising the projects.  Here they are finally able to take a break late Saturday afternoon.

Friday, March 20, 2015

cute table

I found this little table at the Habitat Restore for $8.00.  It was in great shape and I grabbed it up, nothing lasts very long there.  I think I will put in a bottom to make a hidden storage area and paint it white or cream.  It will make a cute side table.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I am in charge

This is a rant about my medical care and is not a recommendation to change your medications or care without your doctors involvement.
 I started to take levothyroxine for low thyroid twenty five years ago.  When I first started I  was on the lowest dosage possible and didn't really notice any side effects.  A year later at my annual exam I mentioned to my doc that I was having a hard time sleeping.  He chalked it up to a high stress job and raising teenagers, I thought He might be right.  Fast forward a few years and the dosage was raised and the sleep problems increased.  The Dr said it was my kids graduating from college, marrying, job changes and menopause all rolled into one and offered me an anti depressant, which I refused.  By that time I was sleeping an average of five hours most nights and just thought it was part of getting older.
Fast forward again to late  last year when my dosage was increased again.  I told my Dr about the sleep problems again and he started asking me questions about my diabetes, diet and life style but never answered my questions about sleep..  When I started taking the new pills the sleep problems went up significantly.  By then I was averaging less than three hours five to six days a week.  Many nights It was two hours or less.  I know there are many people out there who can function of very little sleep but I am not one of then.  I was exhausted and my brain was so foggy I started to think I might be developing dementia or Alzheimer.  It was so bad that I was afraid to drive and couldn't remember the simplest things.  It wasn't until a chance remark by a friend that I even made the connection between this tiny pill and my problems. Yes I had read the inserts that come with the meds one time 25 years ago, but never since. I started doing some on line research and the people suffering from the same thing was staggering. About the same time I was at an appointment with an endocrinologist.  When I mentioned the sleep problems he immediately told me it was probably the thyroid medication.  He suggested I try not taking it for a week and see if it made any difference.  Cue the angels singing and fire works going off.  That one suggestion changed my life.  That week I slept 8-9 hours every night.  The next week I started taking a half pill and the sleep has stabilized to 6-7 hours a night and I feel great.  I've checked many different sites on the internet and can't find many side effects that not taking as much medication as needed.  I will check with both doctors and see if there is some alternative besides sleeping pills, other wise I'm ok with  things the way they are.
I am the best advocate for my care.  It is my body and I have the final say in what goes into it.  Doctors don't know everything and some times they miss things.  When something is wrong it is up to me to keep digging and asking for a second opinion.  Be persistent, don't let anyone tell you it's all in your mind or brush it off as stress.
   Don't get me wrong I really like our family doctor he is caring compassionate and is never afraid to suggest a second opinion.  He has seen us through raising our kids, plenty of stitches and broken bones.  We have gone from young adults to senior citizens under his care and will be really sad when he does retire.
 Saying all that there is one thing I hope you remember from this long rant:  I am in charge and so are you.

Monday, March 16, 2015

kitchen update

Week 10 and I'm starting to feel like this project may end someday.  There are still many little things to do but we are making progress.  We picked up our subway tiles for the back splash and the bead board for the outer side of the sink cabinet.  We debated doing this in black but decided we needed more light .  We did the curves for the counters with a router into the MDF.  The dust even with a shop vac running under the router(my job) was horrible and is in every nook and cranny of the kitchen and living room.  We've vacuumed over and over and it still seems to be taking root.  We were covered with so much dust we had to strip butt naked (I know not a pretty visual)in the laundry room so we didn't leave a cloud every where we went.  The batch of clothes had to be washed twice.
We have such crooked walls and funny angles that we decided to make a template before cutting the laminate.  We just taped pieces of poster board together then trimmed, fit and trimmed some more for a perfect fit.  AH is working on the edges getting them ready for gluing this afternoon.  After they are in place the top pieces will go down with contact cement.  The animals will be put in our bedroom and I will have to leave.  The fumes make me nauseated and with a constant headache.  Going to see Cinderella with a friend then out to eat.  AH will need to use a respirator and have all the windows open, nasty stuff.

the mess continues


this looks just like granite the picture doesn't do the colors justice

Friday, March 13, 2015


I have had a little time to work on some new signs.  The dream sign could be used in the garden or in a bed room..  The garden sign will have hooks and would be great for holding garden gloves and small tools.