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Monday, April 20, 2015

kitchen update

I should only need to do these updates for a couple more weeks.  We are getting very close to being done.  all the basics are finished.  The only big projects that are not done are the over the table light, trim around the top of the cabinets,slide out can cabinet, a few slide out baskets and a mini pull out in the corner to hold cookie sheets.  This week AH got the pot rack up along with with the pendant lights.  The pot rack is an old metal wheel that belonged to my Mom.  It had been hanging out in my stash(aka junk pile) for years.  No Mom you can not have it back.  This thing is heavy and required plenty of extra support in the attic so we don't worry about us it falling.  It's so sturdy I think any of the grand kids could swing on it.  AH wanted to make it spin around but I didn't think that was such a good idea.  The pendant lights are from Lowes, I really like the clean lines.  All I need are a few hooks and I can hang up all the pans.  They seem to stay in a jumbled mess in the cabinets.

Friday, April 17, 2015

fab fabrics

I just had to do a little sprucing up in the living room so it looks as good as the new kitchen.  When we were in the big city visiting  my parents, of course Mom and I had to make a trip to Joann's.  I had seen a fabric in a magazine earlier this spring that I thought would be great for new pillows in the living room.  Yea, they had it at 40% off.  At $50 per yard even on sale it was still pricey.  I bought a yard and got three pillows out of it.  I also found the panels of the butterfly and hummer.  The pictures don't do justice to how beautiful the colors are in the fabric.  A little painting and possibly a chair recovered and I'll reveal the new living room look.

I made these panels into two 24" pillows using a cream solid for the backs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring is springing

A few warm days and flowers are popping up every where.  The daffodils and tulips are blooming and my green house plants are really growing.  They should be ready for planting by mothers day.  I haven't been able to work outside much due to the remodeling we have going on.  I do intend to spend at least an hour every day this next week cleaning out beds and cutting back plants.

zinnias and sunflowers

dill and basil

I love pink tulips


There is no oter spring flower that smells as great as hyacinth 

Monday, April 13, 2015

kitchen update

It's at least a functional kitchen with power, water and all the appliances working.  AH took a few days off and we really hit it hard, putting in 10-12 hour days trying to get as much possible done.  It's days like these past few when I really wish we lived in a larger town so we could at least get food delivered.  Even in the middle of a huge project you still have to eat, do laundry and  take care of the pets..  Thank goodness for deli goodies, leftovers and frozen foods.  We have made amazing progress over the past week.  I even let a couple of the neighbors take a sneak peek.  The power is hooked up and we have more than one outlet working, the sink is finished with tilt outs, sliding baskets and a garbage disposal.  The major lights have been moved almost all the tools are out of the house. The biggest change is the tile is finished.  We've worked our buns off and the results are starting to show.

This side of the cabinets was painted white to match the bead board along the back of the cabinet.

High compliments from my SIL.  She says the room is bright and sunny despite the black cabinets.

close up of tile, the grout is grey to hide dirt.

tile looks great with cabinets and counter top.  The chains that are in almost every picture were from the ladder pot rack  they're gone now.  Just wait til you see what we are doing over the sink cabinet.

Not much on the counters yet, I'm going for a less crowded look.  That may not last long.

Friday, April 10, 2015

star burst mirror

Star burst mirrors are still a hot decorating item.  I decided I wanted one for the living room to bring a little sparkle and black into the room.  A 7" mirror, 1'8" dowels, skewers, spray paint, glue E6000, 2" and 1/2" mirrors and a small piece of foam core and a little time and it was done.  Just glue the large mirror to a circle of foam core 1/2" smaller.  On another circle the same size glue the dowels and skewers in a random or lined up pattern, spray paint after the the glue is dried. I cut the skewers 2" and 4" shorter that the dowels for added interest. Do 2-3 light coats instead of 1 heavy one to avoid runs.  When everything is dry glue the circles together.  I put a piece of wire between the two layers as a hanger. Add the additional mirrors stabilizing with tape to hold them in place until everything is dry.  Hang and enjoy.  Cost of the mirrors and dowels under $8, I already had everything else.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

princess for a day

My friend Kathy has be helping her school theater department put on musicals for 15 years.  Last week was the last one, she is retiring in June.  The kids did a great job on Cinderella and they made a lovely presentation along with a cake and punch reception after the last show.  She works endless hours getting the shows ready and I know Larry the producer/director will miss her a bunch.  Congratulations Kathy, I know you will miss being invoked, but retirement will give us more time to go play.

Monday, April 6, 2015

meet the family

Yes it's Monday, but there is no kitchen update this week.  We spent time in the big city visiting with family over the holiday weekend and nothing got done most of last week.  AH has finally agreed to take some vacation time the end of this week so we can make some serious progress on the kitchen.  We probably won't get done but should come close aside from the little things and the floor.  The floor won't be refinished until it is warmer and I can be gone.  The poly makes me sick for days.
We had a great time with my parents, sister and family and brother and girl friend over Easter. We can't forget the reason we are celebrating is Christ dying  for us. Where would we be without that forgiveness and promise of eternal life?  We are a strange, goofy bunch and along with great food and conversation there was so much teasing and laughter.  I know I am so blessed that we don't have the drama, grudges and fighting so many families thrive on.  We certainly don't agree on many things but we know we love each other and that's what counts the most.

Paula and Bernie.  The devil horns are from my brother, I have few pictures where he isn't doing something like this.

Rick and Christine, I think she is still a little overwhelmed by us.

Mom and Dad, he's ready for his shrimp Alfredo.

Andy and I

A perfect stranger took this pic, he just kind of got drafted because he was nearby.

Roxy the sheep dog

Hollie is so sweet and quiet she almost gets over run by this noisy bunch.

Matt, Paula's son being cool or trying to nap, not sure witch.

Mom and Dad with Tyler and Braden, Matt's  sons