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Monday, October 20, 2014

more Savannah

On the last full day we were in Savannah we were ready for less crowds, hustle and bustle.  We didn't make a plan, just headed south towards the Atlantic ocean.  We decided we would just stop at things that looked interesting. Our first stop was at the coastal botanical gardens. It was started to do studies on what would grow best in the hot Georgia weather.  Along the way they started planting bamboo groves to study the uses for this amazing grass.
After we left the gardens we just kept going south and came across a great old fashioned southern food restaurant.  When you go by a place that is packed with a waiting line at 11 am, you know the food is probably good, and it was.  We also hit a couple of resale shops. unfortunately everything I loved was just too big to carry back on the plane or too expensive to ship home,sigh.
One of the things I had really wanted to do while in Savannah was visit a plantation home.  Unfortunately one close to the city wasn't open and the other had terrible reviews about nasty workers and uninteresting tours.  We just ran into the Hwoful-Broadfield plantation just off the coast.  This is a state historic site and absolutely beautiful..After watching the short film about the history we toured the home and out buildings.  We spent hours there in this fascinating historical site.  The property was a land grant to the family in the 1700's by the king of England.  It was originally a rice plantation, then cotton and finally a dairy.  The place stayed in the same family until the death of the last member in 1973 when it was given to the state of Georgia.  At it's height the plantation owned 240 slaves and farmed 2700 acres.  About 70 miles south of Savannah and definitely off the beaten path this place is well worth the time to go and check it out.

The path visitors would take to the house

smoke house

goat house

the house like anything state owned needs work, lacks funds

house with screened back porch

slave quarters built as duplex with a shred chimney in the center

living room tea table, they didn't use coffee tables

everything in this home was family owned and kept through the centuries

one of the sisters bedrooms

sick room kept apart from the main parts of the house this is about the size of my bathroom 5X8
Some times the unplanned travels can bring the best surprises, your vacation doesn't have to be filled with plans every second.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Vintage Cottage Beauty has its first show of the season this weekend.  Friday and Saturday 10 17-18 at Sara Bush Hospital in Mattoon, Il.  Come see what we've been mixing up for all your pampering and gift giving needs.

kitchen full of boxes and bags check

check lists, equipment and tools check

new products ready for sale check

YEP it's show time

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Savannah

Our next two days in Savannah we spent touring the historic district and river front area.  The traffic is horrible and the parking is poor so I highly recommend taking one of the trolleys.  We used Old Town Trolley and their guides were full of information and interesting facts.  It made 16 stops and you could get off and on as much as you wanted for two days.  The trolley and a river boat cruise was $57 each a real bargain for the lack of aggravation.  We visited the old market, many historic homes, saw the squares that were originally set up and hit plenty of shopping spots.  Later that day we went to the river front and took a ride up the Savannah river to learn more of the history of the area.  Savannah is the third largest sea port in the US and there were plenty of large container ships to check out.
We finished that very long day with dinner at the Pirates House.  The first building in Savannah and where Oglethorpe and his council set up what would become the state of Georgia.  The building where the restaurant is was built in 1732.  There are tunnels running under the house where pirates carried their goods into town and supposedly shanghaied men who had a little too much to drink.  They would wake at sea to find them selves with the choice of working for the pirate ship or walking the plank. The food at the restaurant was fabulous.  Best pecan crusted chicken I've ever had.

many of the sidewalks were made with oyster shells, interesting

historic homes everywhere

Mercer home from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Mrs Wilkes supposedly the best buffet in Savannah

the town is filled with churches everywhere you look, this was the first Methodist church in the area

Pirates house restaurant
More on the trip next week

Monday, October 13, 2014


We just got back from a week in Savannah, Ga and loved it.  I could have stayed much longer but alas we had to return to the real world.  Lets do a little tour.
We usually put our suitcases on the kitchen table to do any last minute packing.  I guess these guys thought we should take them along

After our arrival the first place we visited was the city museum and visitors center.  We learned more about the history of the city. its industries and famous people from there

Bench that Tom Hanks sat on during the movie Forrest Gump.  Movies are a big thing in Savannah, while we were there they were filming Magic Mike 2.  We did come up on one of the sets but no sign of Chaning Tatum(sigh)

Many of the early 20th century industrialist and inventors stayed in Savannah part of the year

typical room setting for the 1800's

Julia Gordon Lowe dress  she made me look very tall

hand woven coverlet a big business here when cotton was king

loom for weaving

coverlet can you imagine the hours this took
If you go to Savannah wear comfy shoes, layers of clothes and forget driving in the historic district, take the trolley system.  More tomorrow.

Friday, October 10, 2014

picket fence ideas

I love picket fences, they just have an old fashioned look to them.  Here are a few things I've done with them lately.

back of our display shelves.  These come apart and lay flat for easy transport
pieces of fence fashioned into a serving tray

box for flowers, office goods, bath necessities etc to fence ends and 1X8 sides.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

cabinet doors

When I come across cabinet doors I grab them.  You can make all kinds of things with just a little imagination, some hardware and paint.  Here are just a few I've done recently.
chalk board and a jar hanger to the side

small door with hooks 


serving tray

jar holder, you could put flowers, loose change from the laundry room or with a couple of hooks added hold your dog treats along with their leash and coat

Monday, October 6, 2014

trash desk

I found the base for this cute desk in a free pile at a sale.  Both drop leaves were gone and the corner of the top had been cut off.  I took off the top, did a little tightening on the legs and gave that a coat of black satin paint.  I called our local lumber yard and they cut and delivered the boards for the top.  No charge isn't that amazing?  I stenciled on the numbers I cut on my Cricut.  A couple of braces underneath holds the top pieces together.  A coat of stain, distressing and coat of wax finished the job.  I love it so much I may have to keep this one.