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Friday, December 19, 2014

how to paint a window

People love painted windows.  When I have my winter windows out or they see the one on my patio, I always get compliments and questions.  You don't need special paint or equipment to make a painted window for your home.  First step find a window, maybe you or a friend have one in the basement or go to a Habitat or salvage store, they usually have a stack.  Be sure it is a wood frame, unless you like the aluminum look.  Clean up the window with soap and water, rinse let dry.  Sand down any splinters or rough spots on the frame and make sure the caulking is mostly there.  I left this window frame as it was, I liked the chipped, peeling paint look. I found something similar to this snowman on Pinterest but you can find ideas any where.   I usually print out and words on the computer and hand draw the outline and big features on news paper.  On this one that was the face and nose with just marks where the eyes, cheeks and smile would be.  I lay the widow down over the paper, you can also tape it to the back, and painted in the head with two coats of white acrylic paint, letting it dry between coats.  Then I added the carrot nose, 3 coats of orange, ovals for eyes and a circle of pink for the cheek.  When that was dry I came back and added shading to the nose, high lights to the eyes and cheeks. The snow flakes and dots were also added.   When that was completely dry I taped the letters to the back of the window, being extra careful with the spacing, then painted over them.  For the back I used a dark blue and black paint poured on a paper plate and the brush dipped in both colors at the same time.  The background took three coats of paint.  The next day I added a heavy coat of Mod Podge to the  picture.  If it hadn't been 15 and windy I could have taken it out side for a couple coats of clear sealer.  This sealing is the key to keeping the paint from scratching off or peeling, but you do need to be careful with it.  I hung this guy above our corn stove in the kitchen and added 3 whiskey decanters filled with greenery.  It will stay there until spring.

This is a lot of words to explain something that is really very simple.  Total painting time was about an hour and a half.  I did it over a two day period but most of that was drying time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

cranberry goodness

I try to find a couple of different things to make for the holidays each year.  When I saw this cranberry liqueur I though of a few friends that would love it.  It can be sipped straight, mixed with orange juice and champagne for a mimosas, and  poured over pound cake, fruit or ice cream.
Here's what you need:
3 bags fresh cranberries
3C sugar
3C water
zest of 1 orange
Mix all together and cook on med until the berries are soft, remove from heat and let cool
Pour into a glass gallon jar and cover with 8C of vodka, cover.  You can divide this into smaller jars if you need to, leave out part of the vodka if you don't have enough room in the jar.  Be sure to use glass not plastic.  Let it sit for 4-5 days shaking 1-2 times a day.  When the liqueur is done, strain through a fine mesh strainer or a regular strainer with a coffee filter added.  Add in the extra vodka if you didn't have room for it before.  Decant into 1 liter bottles.  I used these cute bottles I found on clearance but you could also use wine bottles.  Keep well chilled.  I don't know how long this will keep, it has enough alcohol in it that it should be fine, but just in case you might want to use it quickly.  if your'e giving it away add a cute tag with serving suggestions.

Monday, December 15, 2014

holiday decorating

I love Christmas decorating all the greenery, Santas, goodies and wreaths.  This year I've decided to go a little more natural and simple.  We're leaving right after our family celebration and I don't want to come home to hours of clean-up and packing.  More greens I can just toss, fewer Santas and a more natural look.  It's still plenty of work, but I have been doing it a little slower instead of thinking I had to have everything done the first week.
A few berry pieces, fresh greens and a bow are wired on a pretty frame.  I tied a snowflake in the center

large dollar store balls just stacked in a bowl and on a cake stand  I've had these for years and usually hang them out side

front door wreath, snowflakes, berries, twigs, large candy canes and a torn fabric bow.  Cost $0, I already had every thing on hand.

old sled and joy sign I've had for years
Look at waht you have before buying expensive new decorations when you're ready for a change.  Try to see things used as something else.  A wreath can also be a candle ring, a sign can be propped any where and those twig from your yard can be cut and added to a wreath or arrangement.

Friday, December 12, 2014

how I spent my Saturday

Last Saturday AH had to work, so I decided to stay home and try to get a few Christmas goodies started.  By 8:00 I had the critters fed, dog out, clothes on, bed made sudoku's done, paper read, kitchen and living room picked up.  I stated with cheater cakes, which are mixes I added extra goodies to.  This time it was chocolate pound cake, almond apricot pound cake and pumpkin bread, 12 loaves total. After I finished those and cleaned up after myself, no small feat, I stated boiling cans of condensed milk 4 hours to make turtles.  As those started I made 14 pounds of fudge.  Yeah, 14 pounds.  We won't eat it all, we give it away to friends, family, neighbors and AH's workers.  The pumpkin bread will be wrapped in a tea towel with a jar of homemade apple butter.  The rest of the breads and candy will go on goodie trays.  Plenty more to make, but this did make a big dent.  Next family ornaments, a wreath for the back door, table arrangements and swags.  Whew an elf's work is never done.  To me this is the best part of Christmas, being able to give to those I love, that and the fudge, I do love fudge!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new table

We finally said good bye to our old 40's table and chairs.  After paying $125 and using them for 20+ years we were ready for a new look.  Well not new but when this sturdy oak table and chairs came into the Habitat store I grabbed it up and brought it home. It has two additional leaves and is very sturdy.  When we do the kitchen rehab we're planning on starting this winter it will be painted black, but for now we will enjoy it the way it is.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas decorating begins

large metal Santa, gold tray and candle
Just because we have a great amount of Christmas decorations doesn't mean I want them in the same places the same way every year.  No I want to mix them up and make it look different.  this year I'm in the mood for something calmer and simpler.  I decided to leave most of the Santas and decorations in the attic.  With the new skinny tree there is less room for ornaments.  I've cut but not arranged piles of greens that will fit into the red and crystal vases I already have out.  A few other touches here and there and I'll be done, well maybe.  you don't need to have all your decorations out every year and they certainly don't need to be put in the same place.
table vase of astromaria, mums and boxwood.  It won't last more than two weeks and by then I'll be ready for something different.

Friday, December 5, 2014

happy birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful mother Betty King.  She is the true heart of our family and when (and if) I ever grow up I'd want to be just like her.  She was a pioneer for women s rights by being the first generation of working Moms when that was not common or cool.  She drug three kids all around the world following my Dads military career when she was in her early twenties and thirties.  She packed up and moved more times than I can count and always made where ever we were feel like home.  She had a decades long career while never making any of us feel like she wasn't there for us.  She is a caretaker, open, friendly and can shop my sis and I under the table.  Her pies and cookies are legendary.  At 80+ it amazes me that she can still get down on the floor, play with her great grand kids then get up.  In our family we call her the energizer bunny, she keeps going and going until she stops.  Then you will glance over and see her taking five as she calls it.  Sound asleep for just a few minutes gathering energy to go again.  Love you Mom.