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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

new family member

When I found out this little guy needed a new home I knew the perfect place for him.  My Mom had mentioned earlier this spring she would like a new dog, their Shit Tzu, Jade  is getting older and she loves having some one to fuss over.  Gizzmo aka Gizzy is a year old, potty trained, neutered and over the worst stages of puppy-hood.  his owner just couldn't give him the time and attention he needed.  If you look around at shelters, humane societies or ads you can often find pets that need new homes and lots of love.  Pets are such a joy and add such blessings to our lives.  They love you unconditionally and will never talk back like your kids.  If you are looking for a pet consider an older dog.  For Gizzy and Mom I think it was love at first sight.

Monday, August 31, 2015

junking score

I do not collect depression glass but some how it keeps finding me.  I came across this pile of swirl pattern plates and bowls at a free site and they just had to come home with me.  The average price these are selling for is $7.00 on E bay.  There are 6 7" plates, 6 dinner plates, 3 bowls and two saucers.  pretty good for free.  I've had several questions about free sites and stores.  Around here we have free cycle, a couple of places that offer goods for free or a donation and some of the churches have free rummage sales.  If you look around your community I'm sure you'll find something similar.

Friday, August 28, 2015

major score

While visiting my parents in the big city last weekend, Mom and I happened on a half price sale at Goodwill.  As we walked back to the furniture area two workers were carrying these fabulous oak chairs out to display.  I took one look and asked them to deliver them to the front door with sold on them.  Total cost $12.  They will look great with my new farm house table I'm planning.  At the same store was this heavy 10 drawer dresser for $25. It may just stay as a dresser with new paint or it would make a wonderful buffet.  I had to call AH to come and get this one, Mom's car was already full.  I also picked up a three tier plant stand for $5.  I'm always ready to do the happy dance when I find such great values.

new seat cover and maybe paint and these will fit into my new kitchen

quick paint job and this will be off to the resale shop

AH got this on the dolly and moved into the sun room before I could get a good picture..  Still can figure out how to rotate photos in this program

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY bath bombs

Recipes for making your own bath bombs are all over the internet.  As long as you have the basic chemistry proportions of baking soda and citric acid tight you can add just about anything you would like.
Basic bath bombs
2C baking soda
1C citric acid you can find this in the caning section of the grocery store or on line
mix together and then spray with water stir constantly until the mixture resembles damp sand.  Spoon into ice cube trays or silicone molds pack down  and let dry overnight.
You can add fragrance, flower petals, herbs or color.

Even better bath bombs

2C baking soda
1C citric acid
2C epsom salts
1C sea salt
1C corn starch
witch hazel
fragrance and color
Mix the same as above adding liquids last and very slowly so the mix doesn't lose it's fizz
I have used a 2T spoon to packed very tightly or molds.  I have two part molds that make larger bombs but you can also use two part Christmas ornaments.
If you want you can add oils and butters for more moisturizing properties

No mater what there will be some breakage with these, they are fragile.  I just crush up the crumbs, put it into a container and call it bath salts.  I also put the crumbs in small plastic bags and give it to kids at shows.  I call it zombie dust, they love it!

Monday, August 24, 2015

product manfacturing

Kathy and I are often asked if we really make all of our VCB product in our homes.  These are just a couple of shots of what my kitchen looked like last week.

Solid lotion is one of our best sellers and I will make tons of it before show time.  Love this stuff, it really is a miracle in a tube

Bath bombs I'm working on.  Similar to Lush with the healing moisturizing properties bumped way up.
They have extra shea, jojoba an cocoa butter added to make your skin soft and moisturized.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

more projects

While the weather is being cooperative I've been trying to get several things primed, painted and ready for sale.  Here are just a couple of my latest projects still in the works.

at $2 I just couldn't pass this little table up.  I glued a 24" table  round to the top, scraped off the big globs of glue then painted every thing cream.  

Even with tarnished brass and covered with filth I knew at $15 this brass and glass table was a stael.  Sure enough when I looked it up on ebay it was for sale for $699.  I know painting the frame will lower the value but it made it look so much better.  A purist could easily remove the paint if they wanted.