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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

family fun

Our son Nathan wanted to take his wife on a trip for her birthday so we spent several days staying with the kids.  I know I'm biased but these are some of the best behaved kids I've ever been with.  They did what they were asked and never gave us a second of trouble.  We had so much fun with them and while they were in school we even had time to explore parts of the big city we usually don't have time for.  We checked out old parts of the city including a farmers market that has been in business since 1779.  While there had the best ham and cheese on croissant we had ever eaten.  Then we found the candy shop where of course we had to buy some of the hand made turtles.
We had the kids cooking and tasting new foods.  J made chocolate covered strawberries, C made baked cookies and we made stuffed baked potatoes one night and real not out of a jar spaghetti another.  Hopefully we made memories with them, that's far more important than anything else we could give them.  Their new puppy is a pain but cute as she can be, once she grows up a little bit and learns some manners she will be great.  My one regret is the nasty cold I managed to bring back with me.

the strawberries were delicious

this kids likes to try new things, he now loves peas and caramelized onions

Lexus is very sweet but I have bruises where she stomped on my feet and Diva is still ticked off.

Monday, February 23, 2015

kitchen update

Week 8 has started with little progress.  The biggest hold up seems to be the people that make the counter tops for Menards.  They are SLOW, we still do not have our final approval sheets with exact measurements.  Until we have that we can not get the template and the counters can't be ordered until the template is approved.  To say that I am not happy is a vast understatement.  They will not answer customers direct questions or emails.  Poor customer service at it's most blatant.  At this rate we won't have the kitchen finished until April.
We have made a little progress this week.  The pantry cabinet is now in use and I can start putting dishes in the upper cabinets.  We purchased a hanging microwave/convection oven that AH is beginning to install.  Of course it came with a manual the size of a text book I'll need to figure out.  This project is a very slow learning process.

at least it isn't in the middle of the floor any more

now has doors and is filled with all our packaged food

Friday, February 20, 2015


My next door neighbor Irma is finally back from her visit to Brazil.  She hasn't lived in America too long and still looks at every thing with new eyes.  To her the most common place things are beautiful and wonderful.  She makes me stop and really look at what I usually take for granted  She was kind enough to bring us back a box of Brazilian chocolates.  I'm always surprised when I taste sweets from other countries.  I don't think any place uses as much sugar as America.
Irma also brought back a bottle of a Brazilian liquor that is their equivalent of tequila, I tasted a tiny bit and it felt like liquid fire.  I'll have to have her show me what to do with it.
I love presents that make you feel like the giver really took the time to think about you personally.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

brownie brittle

I picked up a bag of brownie brittle at the grocery store and loved it, but at $3.99 for 5oz it was not going to be a regular thing.  I Googled a few recipes and made my own from a mix.  Crispy, chocolaty and crunchy, YUM.
1 box brownie mix that fits a 9X13 pan
1/4C water and oil
1 egg
Nuts or chocolate chips optional I used 1C of chips
Mix together then spread as thin as possible in a parchment lined cookie sheet
Bake at 350 30-40 minutes until the edges start to feel crisp.  Turn off the oven and let the pan sit in there for 2-3 hours.  Remove from parchment and break into chunks.  At 1 Carb for 1 oz and 120 calories it makes a great snack, unless you crumble it on ice cream then it goes higher. Store in an air tight bag.

Monday, February 16, 2015

kitchen update

I bet the readers who check out this blog regularly are about as tired as I am of seeing that title.  Week seven has shown progress but it is the inside and little stuff that doesn't make a big visual impact.  The bigest thing is the counter tops have been ordered, well at least the second set of measurements have been sent in.  We will get a full size template to lay out and make sure everything is an exact fit.  Only after that is approved will the actual tops be started.  We have some funny angles and cuts so we felt this was the best way to go.  We chose a composite heavy duty laminate after checking out all our options.  Most of the other materials including Silestone, marble and quartz were out of our budget, coming in at more than we had planned for the entire remodel.  Granite was lower but so overdone.  We ruled out concrete due to the weight and mess of doing it our self.  With a 112 year old house it didn't seem to be the best choice.  The doors are on almost all the cabinets, the slider baskets for the pantry are installed, cabinet shelves are in and our handles and turn tables have arrived.  AH is working on trying to get all the lower cabinets plumb and level.  Not an easy task in this old house.  I should be able to load the pantry and upper cabinets this week.  After all that is done we will be in a holding pattern until the counters arrive.  The tile back-splash can't be done until after the counters.  We can get the lighting, painting and some of the little details done during the wait.

doors and drawers, yea!!!

pantry sliders this is where most of our packaged food will be stored

sink cabinet, at least it isn't in the middle of the floor

I pick up new wall paper at thrift stores and rummage sales for .50-$1.00  it makes great shelf and drawer liner.  I just toss and replace once a year

Friday, February 13, 2015

junkin finds

Rummage sale season hasn't started yet so i need to get my junkin fix at thrift stores.  There is a lot of junk in these kind of stores so you really have to look deep to find great bargains, especially if you plan to resell some of the finds.  Here was my haul last week.

pretty crystal ugly brass this is an easy fix with a little paint $8 for 2

lead crystal vase 11" high 7" across $3

I had been watch this set of sliver plate for months.  It was priced way too high  to begin with but I waited and it finally came down to $24 for the set.  Missing 1 knife and the salad forks but I probably will make it into jewelry so I don't care.

Two huge 24-26" high galvanized flower buckets on the clearance rack at Menards originally marked $36 each I got the pair for $16.  Imagine them upside down with a tray or pizza pan attached.  They would make some pretty funky out door tables
Always check the clearance rack in stores, you never know what bargains you'll find.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

that cost how much??

I knew from the beginning of the kitchen remodel that I wanted slide out baskets in the pantry and all the lower cabinets with turn tables and baskets  on the rest of the shelves where needed.  After much searching and price comparison I decided on the chrome slide outs and drawers and rubber maid turn tables from Home Depot.  They had the best selection and prices.  I never realized how expensive these things are.  Good grief they cost almost as much as the cabinets.  Part of them have arrived, they are supper heavy duty and are going to make my life much easier.  The pain of the price will recede soon.