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Friday, May 22, 2015

junkin finds

A couple of weeks ago we had  our city wide garage sale.  We have them twice a year and people come from miles around.  With such a small town if you have a sale on your own, unless it's huge you will get far fewer customers.  I don't like having them but I do love to go.  I've gotten many great treasures over the years and I'm always amazed at what people will get rid of for such a small amount of money.

Concrete pedestals and pot along with some great wire baskets and wonderful cupcakes for a donation to our church youth camp.  I am always so proud of how hard these kids work during the year so they can go to camp.

brass bird house along with a smaller one $5 for both

brass tray table donation to a church $20

two prim chairs for .25 each  I'll add screen and moss and plant flowers in them

concrete urns $30 a lot of cash for me but they are antiques and will last for many years

I didn't know what this was but it looked like a house for $1 and I thought I'd put a fern in it.  It is a golf ball holder

charming foot stool with storage $5

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

kitchen update mid week

I know showing pictures of a bedroom under the title kitchen update seems crazy but not so much in my world.  This guest room is right off the kitchen.  You get to the main bathroom, office and my sewing room from here.  During the remodel this room has been stuffed with boxes, cabinets and appliances.  For most of the last 5 months there has been only a path to each door.  The bed was piled 4+ feet high with every thing that needed to go in the kitchen, tossed or taken to the Restore.  Well this week it finally got cleaned out and put back together.  It was 21/2 looooong hard days of cleaning, doing windows and washing all the bedding. Now it is fresh and clean and ready for company.  That company better be my twins and families.  They haven't been able to visit since Christmas so they better come see their Mama!!!!

  I removed a large cabinet from here to open the room a little.  Hats hung on the wall for easy decor and grabbing one to go outside.

Since the cats think this is their bed I keep the blue cover pulled up to keep the white bedding clean.

Little desk and a box with the grand kids toys  My talented Mom made the quilt.

I hung some of the toys in tote bags hooked to the closet door. If I was really obsessive I'd make bags to coordinate with the room.   More storage in the stacked suit cases.

Monday, May 18, 2015

kitchen update

We're getting closer still.  The things we need to finish in the kitchen are mostly the small things that don't show up well in pictures.  The trim will be started today and with the weather we've been having who knows when we will get the table and chairs painted. It does seem with little things they are never ending because putting them off does not affect the function of the room.  We did get the can cabinet finished and filled.  It sure is handy to just pull open a door and have all the cans visible at one time.  The light over the table is a vintage Moe Light mid century modern shade coupled with a ceiling fan globe.  This shade was originally meant to be hung design side down but that looked like it would be a perfect bug/ dust  catcher so I wanted it turned the other way.  It's a good thing I have such a talented husband.  I can come up  with the design ideas but he has to come up with ways to make them work.  The shade was found in my father-in-laws work shop after he passed away.  It was brand new and still in the box.  I did look it up and the same shade on E bay was selling for several hundred dollars. This is hung high enough, I don't think any curious kitties can grab hold and swing from it.

Old light that will be converted to an outdoor solar chandy

New light during installation.  We tied dental floss on it to get the balance right while hanging

This shade is 26" wide and the design is beautiful when lit.  From the early 60's.

I love the can cabinet, I can see what I need at a glance.

Open shelves filled, the color helps break up all the black along those two walls.  I love having my bowls and cups hanging under the cabinets with cup hooks.  It saves a ton of storage space in the cabinets.  When those hooks are empty it's time to wash dishes!

Friday, May 15, 2015

dirt bag

I saw this on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.  Just poke holes in the bottom of a large bag of potting soil, cut a large square out of the top.  Add seeds and water.  I did this three weeks ago and look at the difference.  I planted spinach, leaf lettuce, radishes and mixed lettuce.  Salad for supper tonight.  We should get several salads from the bags and when we'er done I will recycle the soil back into the garden.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

new work

Even as the kitchen remodel and the spring gardening go on I am still trying to get furniture pieces ready to sell at Home Again.  A friend, thanks Larry, has been purging and I have been the lucky recipient.

Clock face I may convert to a real working clock.  I made it personal by adding my maiden name, city  and year of birth.

This was once a dark stained very country style clock I have turned into a cabinet with shelves

Once mud brown and tarnished brass. The top was badly damaged so I added a piece of painted cork.  

The top and one of the legs were broken when i got this. Look at it now,white paint, a brown bag top and black tipped feet and it looks classy 

This coffee table is huge 3'X6' and heavy.  White paint and a faux sandstone top and it would fit into almost any living spac.  I love the legs and it's on casters.

Cute stenciled table, the top is cream not yellow.  This would be a perfect bed side or lamp  table 

Monday, May 11, 2015

kitchen update

This project is sooooo close to being done. AH got the can cabinet done with the exception of the front piece finished.  The weather is just not cooperating with doing staining or painting out doors so that piece will go on today.  The shelves in the corner are finished and look great.  I hope to put all my blue glass jars filled with things like dog treats, little utensils and all those small things that run around loose in your cabinets on the shelves.  The tiny lower corner needs its door, this is where I will store cookie sheets and cutting boards.  The light needs to be changed over the table and the table and chairs need to be painted.  We are going to use the sprayer so that has to be done when it is not too hot, not too cold, not windy and not going to rain. Who knows when that will happen in Illinois. The trim painting has started and the last thing to be done will be refinishing the floor while I am gone in late June.  I guess all most seven months for a complete kitchen remodel is not too bad for just working on week ends.  A friend told me it was like pregnancy, you forget the bad things when the new baby or in this case kitchen is here.

funky corner shelves, where the crooked walls and cabinets meet

Dish towel with just the right colors found at Walmart.  It sits right next to the sink for easy hand drying.  The hanger is an antique bottle corker.  I just cleaned it up and sprayed it with clear sealer.

Can cabinet, I should be able to store about 75 cans in this tiny space

This cabinet will have a black front and handle to match the rest of the cabinets

Funny corner the bottom.  We could not find the exact size cabinets so they could meet.  We could have just added a spacer piece but would have lost some handy storage.

Friday, May 8, 2015

spring time flowers

 We have had what seems to be a very long, wet dreary spring so the burst of spring flowers seems even more beautiful.

blue bells a native Illinois wild flower

even dandelions brighten my day

red twig dogwood growing in and around the mini green house

I've had so many people stop and ask what these are, they are huge double ruffle tulips

lilac time is way too short